Gas Vaporizer (Sublimator) for Oxalic Acid + Kemper Gas Torch
Package includes:
1x Gas Vaporizer for Oxalic Acid
3x Dosing Cap
1x Dosing Spoon
1x Perfect fitting Kemper Gas Torch
149.00 € 149.0 EUR
Kemper Gas Burner for the Usage with the Gas Vaporizer
KEMPER 1060 piezo ignition gas torch is equipped with gas heating system, flame adjustment and air supply.

It has ergonomic design, lightweight and durable.
28.68 € 28.68 EUR
3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles 2890: Full Vision Goggles, Suitable for Use in Sublimation of Oxalic Acid
Large profile 3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles range, with enough space to fit over most prescription glasses.
Acetate lens for improved chemical resistance.
20.49 € 20.490000000000002 EUR
3M™ ABE1 Gas and Vapour Filters 6057 - 2 pack
ABE1 Gas and Vapour Filters 6057 protect against organic vapours

2 filters in one package!
15.57 € 15.57 EUR
Dosing caps
Set includes 3 Dosing Caps.
15.45 € 15.450000000000001 EUR
Kemper Supergas 600ml
Supergas cartridge mix propane 30% / butane 70% with 7/16″ external safety valve. Resistant to low T°.
4.10 € 4.1 EUR