Gas vaporizer ( sublimator ) for oxalic acid + Kemper gas torch

Package includes:
1x Gas vaporizer for oxalic acid
3x Dosing cap
1x dosing spoon
1x Perfect fitting Kemper gas torch

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149,00 €

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Términos y condiciones
Garantía de devolución de 30 días
Envío: 2-3 días laborales

The Gas Vaporizer offers Numerous Benefits for Effective Varroa Mite Treatment, and it Operates Entirely without Electricity.

No electricity required!

With its electricity-free design, the Gas Vaporizer is the perfect solution for areas without access to power.

Instant vaporization

Begin your oxalic acid treatment immediately, without any significant waiting time.

Versatility for all hive types

The Gas Vaporizer is compatible with various beehive configurations, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Easy connection to a gas torch

Seamlessly connect the Gas Vaporizer to a standard gas torch without the need for cords or extensions.

Flexible Tube for Easy Insertion into Various Beehive Types  

This versatile design ensures compatibility and enables seamless treatment regardless of the beehive configuration.

Complete equipment package

The kit includes three dosing caps for uninterrupted treatment sessions and a measuring spoon for precise dosage.

WATCH VIDEO: Gas Vaporizer for Oxalic Acid: Revolutionizing Varroa Mite Treatment

Important notice!

Gas is classified among substances with highly restricted shipping in international parcel traffic. Therefore, we do ship gas burners without the accompanying gas cartridges

If you still wish to receive a gas cartridge with your order, please inform us. We will check the shipping restrictions for gas cartridges to your location. 

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